April 5, 2019

What Have We Learned?!

In this week's episode of Unmediated, we recap and unpack the past 27 episodes! Listen in to understand and be inspired! 

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March 23, 2019

Artist and Advocate

We discuss art, education, and advocacy on this weeks episode of @Unmediatedpod with our guest, the Executive Director and creative guide of Arts Connection- The Arts Council of San Bernardino County, Jennifer Kane. She describes her experience in the arts and offers ways in which we can change our local infrastructure. We hope you enjoy, Artist and Advocate!

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This week on Unmediated features a great interview with Chuck Collins.  We discussed the question which also happens to be the title of his new book, Is Inequality in America Irreversible? The author and editor on Inequailty.org offered a unique perspective of equality across the economic board. Don't miss this thought-provoking discussion on @Unmediatedpod.


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Alicia Garza, the principle of @BlackFuturesLab and Co-Founder of @BlackLivesMatter discusses her beginnings, new projects, and the power of representation with us in our newest episode of @Unmediatedpod. We also announce an upcoming episode of Unmediated with @ChuckCollins and host Darcie Rickert's new upcoming podcast, Starting From B.

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Please enjoy Political Representation and Equality!


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February 22, 2019

Disability and Visibility

Professor and activist, Rodney Hume-Dawson describes the importance of visibility for the disabled, the history of the Disability Rights Movement and his experience as an activist and researcher. We hope you enjoy and learn yet another way we can make the world a little brighter! 


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From the Reader and Unmediated - Thank you for your continued support and please enjoy Disability and Visibility!



We continue our discussion about Environmental Justice with Angie Balderas, Elise Eifler, and Mary Valdemar. The conversation includes topics such as who needs to show up to the fight, why grassroots organizations are leading the way, and what you can do to help everyone breathe a little easier. Don't miss our second installment as we dig into local solutions!   

We hope you enjoy Part 2 of Environmental Justice For All!


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In this episode, we spoke with Angie Balderas, Elise Eifler and Mary Valdemar about Environmental Justice. It was incredible to hear how environmental inequity affects education, health, industry, and racism. In fact, there was so much to get into that we decided to release the episode in 2 parts. 

We hope you enjoy Part 1 of Environmental Justice For All!


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January 25, 2019

Medea Benjamin CODE PINK

We catch up with Medea Benjamin just before she heads out to join the Indigenous People's March -- We talk about going up against the most powerful, her in-your-face activism, challenging the biggest companies and behemoth military industrial complex with CODEPINK and Global Exchange NGO.
She speaks on the need for truth in media and how she creates her own frontline journalism with webinars from war-zones. She talks about past victories like the Fair Trade movement and the Iran Nuclear Deal. She even shares the hilarious story behind the name CODEPINK.
We learn from one of the world's most successful activists what it takes to win and why divestment is a key part of what we can all do to effect change.
<< ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: PAST EPISODE UPDATE What's going on with US involvement in Yemen and what you can do about it >> 
GET INVOLVED join the movements at codepink.org & globalexchange.org 
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January 11, 2019

Comedy Meets Politics

Francesca Fiorentini of The Bitchuation Room Podcast, Nat Geo, News Broke and The Young Turks spoke to us about the role of comedy in politics, activism, and badminton in the White House! 

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December 28, 2018

Direct Trade

What would the world look like if we knew where the things we consume came from --- if we knew the people who made them --- if we knew how we are connected.  

Tory Jones and Ryan Berk both have chosen to build companies where not only the ingredients of their products matter but the people who make them matter.



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